Live mannequin event in the Royal Victoria Place Shopping Centre

Shoppers were doing regular double-takes as they realised the ‘mannequins’ were live models and double-taking again when they found that no-one was trying to sell them anything! It was simply a win-win opportunity for students to follow the whole fashion process through design and making to modelling and display while keeping temporarily unused shops colourful and busy for the Royal Victoria Place management company.

9 out of 10 Hillview students studying Fashion at A Level achieved A* or A grades. These students have gone on to university to study a large variety of Fashion and Textile courses:  from Women’s Wear  Design at London College of Fashion to Fashion Styling; Textile Design;  Management and Marketing ; Costume Design; Fashion and Dress History; Journalism; Fashion with Photography…to name a few. We at Hillview are very proud of these and all our Sixth Form students.

Hillview would like to take this opportunity to thank The Royal Victoria Place Shopping Centre in Tunbridge Wells for the generous opportunity they have offered to the students, who have gained valuable experience in both events organisation and display in a retail environment.



Pictured is the work of:

Megan Jordan (Head Girl) (Modelled by Alice Grundy and Lily Quinnell)

Abbie Murray-Jackman (Modelled by Verity Weller and Holly Edsall-Langridge.        

Both Megan and Abbie are now studying Fashion at Southampton University.

Georgia Plummer (Modelled by Charlotte Stevens) studying Fashion and Dress History at Brighton University.

Students’ hair and make-up was undertaken by ex-student Gemma Evans, who is now studying Specialist Make-up at West Thames.

In the Technology and Visual Arts faculty at Hillview, Sixth Form students can also study Fine Art and 3D Design.